mostafa mamdouh

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What problem does your business address?

Students don't have quality vocational education and technical jobs. they need to study of professional content and what is the available opportunities for future + learn soft and technology skills

What solution do you bring to this issue?

• simple using platform & mobile app provides help services for students for all our Ages and supported in Arabic language. linking between Students, factory owners, HR Managers and Labor Market

It’s first online vocational education academy supported Mobile App in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. It works to educate students from the age of 13 years of study on the Internet. That will cover all governorates of Egypt and rural areas and targeting MEA Regions. Include only.The academy will provide more than 100 programs in many advanced and specialized fields that will help graduate students to the labor market “Construction and Architecture, Real Estate, health care Equipment, refrigeration technology. Automation technology, professional nursing. IT and software development and programming, Electronics, Smart Technology, Solar Cells, Electricity and Energy, Agriculture, Petroleum Industries and Services, Engineering Industries and Services, Appliances, Automotive and Cars, Robots, Maritime works, metal Industries, Food Industries and Pharmaceutical Industries. Wood working, jewelry, Fashion and Fashion, Handicraft, Mobile Application Software, Ship Maintenance. Heavy Equipment, Tourism and Hotels “ . The academy will provide interactive learning methods for students as well as educational videos and virtual reality-based designs to facilitate students’ study and education.

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