Amenan Couboura SIDIKI

Country of deployment

Côte d'Ivoire



What problem does your business address?

The work environment is being disrupted by new technologies. However, francophone Africa is not reacting fast enough to update our education system to the new environment.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

Through a specialized learning platform with both online and offline version, tutoo+ provides tutorials about cutting-edge skills on IT and business-related skills to students and young graduates.

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, are no longer fiction movies. There is overwhelming evidence showing that the shift in what the workforce needs is already under the way and it will continue to grow much bigger in the future. The work environment is being drastically disrupted by new technology; therefore, technology-based skills have become a MUST for any students for successful employment. Western and Asian governments are investing a lot in their education system to adapt to those changes. Some African English-speaking countries have made a tremendous effort in advancing their level of technological development through the educational system. However, despite this alarming need to change, francophone Africa is not reacting fast enough to update our education system to the need on the Job market. As a result, Francophone Africa is lagging far behind English-speaking Africa in term of technology development and have a low level of tech or digitally-oriented entrepreneurship. On the mission to break the barrier of accessibility and affordability, tutoo+ is providing an e-learning platform backed up with an offline version for francophone students and young graduate to develop in a short amount of time, technological skills that automatically enable them to qualify for the actual job market.

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