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What problem does your business address?

Botswana is faced with shortage of honey in the market as a lot of honey consumed is mostly imported from the neighboring countries and therefore very expensive for our local people and manufactures.Honey is consumed as food,it is taken as medicine,and it is used as ointments by some local manufacturs. Honey is a remedy for various diseases such as asthma,flue and dibets to mention just a few.Our nation is hit haed by non communicable diseases ,therefore by taking honey in out diet will reduce the risk of been attacked by non communicable diseases.Therefore,Tshepi beekeeping is developing a platform that show a clear value chain in beekeeping that will grow honey production industry in Botswana that can sell at reasonable prices and help beekeepers get exposure,market and finally export.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

Tshepi beekeeping is comming up with a platform that will show all beekeepers in Botswana,their area of specialisation,their contacts and where they are located as well as their products,quantity and quality of honey and prices. This platform will incourage fellow citizen to venture into beekeeping,produce honey and export.The project will create emloyment ,improve food security and grow the economyof Botswana.

Tshepi beekeeping is a project that aim at improving honey production in Botswana by comming up with a platform that will show a clear value chain for honey production in Botswana.The platform will show a list of beekeepers in Botswana,their area of operation,quantity of honey producing,or area of specialization in Beekeeping ,products produced and their prices. Introduction of this platform will help empower beekeepers with market,exposure,trainning and any opportunities available for them locally.

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