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What problem does your business address?

Solve the severe talent shortage in key markets around the World and provide job opportunities to engineers

What solution do you bring to this issue?

We have developed a proprietary collective approach to distributed talent recruitment, acceleration, and deployment from one of the world’s largest emerging talent pools: North Africa.

We’re an engineering collective on a mission to unlock human potential with technology — by integrating high-caliber software engineers and data scientists from North Africa with innovative partner teams around the world. We’re building a holistic and collective approach to distributed talent development and deployment to help bright minds reach their full potential. No matter which passport they have in their back pocket. Our objectives include the following: The Future of Learning. We are building a scalable blended learning approach that prioritizes cutting-edge technologies, high learning velocity, real-world project experience, and soft skills. The Future of Work. We are proving that an open, inclusive, and distributed hiring and collaboration model is not just a moral imperative, but also a competitive strategic advantage for the world’s most innovative teams facing talent shortages at home. Tunisia as a center of excellence. Our collective ownership model and service offerings increase visibility for Tunisia as a hub of innovation worthy of direct investment – not just a source of talent for other markets and multinational firms. Economic security. We aim to help “future-proof” Tunisia’s economy by equipping its rising generation with globally in-demand skill sets, and offering free access to our technical learning program and resources through our Open Learning Community and Pop-Up Garage (OLC PUG).

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