Taking Education to the rural parts of Liberia

Amos Torgbor

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What problem does your business address?

Nickel Liberia addresses the messy education system we have in Liberia.By meeting the need of the needy in education, health and feeder roads in Liberia.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

Nickel Liberia brings about the building of modern primary and secondary schools in the fifteen counties of Liberia,and the building mini clinics and feeder roads, that is now giving them access from farms to markets,and the fixing of Seven Thousands bricks that has started the construction of modern primary and secondary schools,that will provide quality education and qualified teachers. Nickel Liberia has made donation of arm chairs and others schools items to poorer schools only in the rural parts of Liberia. This is what we do every year to poorer schools. nickel Liberia is taking free education to the rural,rural parts of Liberia.

Nickel Liberia is a nongovernmental and not for profit making organization.Nickel Liberia was founded on September 16,2016.Nickel mission is to build fifteen modern primary and secondary schools,with feeder roads within the fifteen counties of Liberia.Nickel Liberia first modern school project and 13km feeder are ongoing in Grand Bassa County District #3/4 to be precise in Barkon Town.The school contain,Teachers housing unit,mini clinic,staff quarter,Nursing housing unit,Teachers lounge,Library,Multi purpose building, cafeteria,guest house,and the school building.Nickel donates arm chairs,and desks to poorer schools in the rural parts of Liberia ,nickel get the timbers from the trees we felled while building the feeder road, and process it into arm chairs,and desks .Do not be surprised to hear that we use five(5)Liberian Dollars to support our projects,Liberians support our projects by giving five Liberian dollars each day ,this is their way of supporting education, health, and the building of feeder roads in Liberia. Nickel has cash boxes in some churches like Empowerment Temple AME in Congo Town,Gardnerville Wesleyan Stephen A. Tolbert Estate and others churches,Schools like College of West Africa (CWA) Monrovia college (MC) and other schools,and some Entertainment centers in Monrovia.

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