Students Learning Analytics and Feedback Tools

Seth Sarefo

Country of deployment




What problem does your business address?

Teachers in government schools need a digital tool to assist them to incorporate the learners' backgrounds and abilities in their teaching to ensure that all learners receive quality education.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

A learner assessment and feedback system accessible to parents, teachers and school mangers for enabling inclusive and assessment based teaching and learning.

Primary education requires digital solutions that are designed for the special needs of children to avoid harming their developing brains. As such we see the need for a learning analytics system for primary schools. The system emphasizes the learners as the major clients in the primary school. It enables the teachers to deliver assessment based learning by completing the ASSESS, PLAN, DO, REVIEW cycles for each child. The ASSESS module of the app provides educators with user interfaces that enable them to screen and assess learners, enabling the teacher to collect data about the learner’s background, abilities, interests and weaknesses in order to plan for what they need to do. The PLAN module provides educators with forms and reports that will be used to prioritize how skills and knowledge should be delivered to learners. The app will provide different suggestions and tips on the different approaches and strategies that can be used to deliver the skills and knowledge. The DO module provides reports and forms that are used to prescribe the targeted teaching that the learners need. Finally, the REVIEW module provides forms and reports for monitoring learners’ progress for individual and group work such as lesson plans, observation tools, formal tests, referral forms. The review stage is also used to collect feedback from the learner on their feelings and attitudes towards activities and approaches that were used in the classroom.

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