Solar panels Automated cleaning solution

Monther Fadel

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What problem does your business address?

dust accumulation over solar panels, which reduces the energy output of solar system

What solution do you bring to this issue?

design, develop and manufacture fully automated solar cleaning machines

We at DARB created our machine that uses wet cleaning principle to clean the solar panels with high efficiency results. The solution reduces water consumption by 80%, operations costs by 60% and cleaning time by 90%. We got certificates for our product that guarantees safe operations on the panels and does not make any damage to the panels; since In the research and development stage, we tested plenty type of main parts materials to reach the best choice regarding safe operations and eliminate the risk of micro cracks or ARC scratches. Our solution is reliable using special materials that does not get affected by sun or temperature to increase its operational life time to the project itself life time. Most of the available solutions worldwide use dry cleaning methods to achieve the cleaning process, dry cleaning is low efficient and harmful to panels since it destroys the ARC on the surface of the panels, which in order reduces the panels energy generation severely. On the other side our solution was developed to ensure high efficiency cleaning, since our product developed based on the MENA region desert environment, unlike the other solution which did not take the environment in considerations. By selling our first prototype and full projects in the pipeline we consider our self a successful startup. We help the environment by boosting solar plants energy output, and increase the solar plants efficiency which in order reduces the CO2 emissions and national energy bills.

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