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What problem does your business address?

Representing 49.89% of Liberia’s population, youths have remarkable power to influence, drive, and catalyze the country’s inclusive economic and social prosperity and its overall peace and security. Yet, due to a multitude of factors, more than half of Liberia’s youth find themselves in vulnerable employment, with limited educational attainment, and limited to no opportunities to forge a path toward a better future. To this point, in a School to Work Transition Survey (SWTS) conducted by the ILO in 2013, findings noted that 78.7% of Liberia’s working youth fall within the category of ‘under-utilized labor’ and 77.9% are considered in ‘vulnerable employment’, characterized by low wages, periodic or seasonal work, insecure working conditions and with limited to no access to safety nets.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

In order to address the issues leading to unemployment among youths in Liberia, AIS Africa is seeking to develop a web based freelancing platform that will connect businesses and individuals and provide job advertising, skill matching and training services. This platform will provide (skilled and unskilled) job information to the public and provide training in skills that are lacking.

AIS Africa Corporation is an Information Technology solution provider seeking to establish a web-based freelancing and crowdsourcing platform (website and mobile app) which would provide job posting, matching, and information services. The platform (skillmatch) will allow individuals who are able to deliver any kind of work to get connected with persons and companies who are looking for resources for having such jobs done. Serving as a repository for skills and talents, clients may leave their job advertisement with description and required skills, so that freelancers may apply to the jobs they believe are relevant for them. Likewise, freelancers may create their own profile pages, so that persons or companies to hire may browse the profiles and contact freelancers who they believe are fit for their job. Several other ranking system, feedback score, and success rating systems will exist both for the clients and freelancers, for helping each party choose whether or not to work with each other. The platform will serve as a safe, fast, simple, and cost-effective way to find, hire, work with, and pay the best professionals anywhere and anytime.

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