Country of deployment

Sierra Leone



What problem does your business address?

1. Provides a free platform for buying, selling, and communicating locally or internationally thus solving the problem of personal networking, sourcing local or international goods, for e.g. someone want to rent a house , buy a car or search for a job , you can easily go to and search for your house and contact seller easily without the need of a third party known as agent or the need for a local social megaphone or just a place for users to meet online.. Same goes to someone who want to rent their home or sell their cars, they can just take a picture of their product and upload it to the website and list their price That’s the beauty of this platform…it can solve unlimited problems because it is alive to a certain extent… free classifieds for humanity meme let go for the world to use and only limited by the user’s imagination…and our terms for use. 2) Low income and exposure for businesses 3) Un-employment and Poverty 4) Poor Standards of business delivery and customer satisfaction 5) little or no Connection and trust between sellers and customers who need their services 6) No Job/work flow data existing in communities showing demand and supply.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

Poverty reduction - we believe we can make the businesses or individuals/ outsourcing industry more lucrative by increasing the income available to them and giving them relevant data, training and knowledge resource relevance to revenue increment and economic growth. Unemployment - We are in the business of motivating more individuals to gain revenue from engaging in offering skills they already have, and even developing themselves further, this would reduce or de-congest the job market while also creating more jobs for youths. Making Cities and communities more sustainable - by increasing the flow of income in various communities, we believe such communities would experience growth. We also are interested in encouraging communal job migrations to aid demand of skills meet supply and vice-versa. In terms of generation of revenue, in the next 5 years, we aim to meet an annual target of 5% of the Market value, effectively disseminating $15 Million amongst 50,000 Businesses in cities and communities within Sierra Leone Our direct and indirect employment opportunities are expansive, we have youth who would fill up our operation base, and others who would serve as representatives for the organization. is a robust classifieds platform created for the public good with an emphasis on social and economic benefit. Our aim is to provide free advertising, free community dialog, free online resources and a searchable platform for free buying and selling by providing a free platform for Africans locally and people worldwide, SaloneBuy creates the vehicle for users to propel their own economic prosperity as well as social progress, only limited by each individual’s imagination. Launched on December,1st 2018. We have started to take root with normal citizens locally and internationally now posting ads in several of our many categories. For sale categories such as vehicles, fashion and electronics as well as Services categories such as tutoring and beauty continue to show promise. We continue to upgrade and improve with comments by users organically guiding our path forward. Our platform has unlimited growth and vast market opportunity due to our multi-city Homepage design and our ability to replicate in other African locations. Other robust features include a search engine, discussion forums, business listings and a personals category. Users self-post as well as have the ability for 2-way email relay. We look forward to each day as a learning experience and hope to apply, share and expand our platform for the common good of Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole.

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