Osama Salman

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What problem does your business address?

Amputees fail to live a normal life, they fail in the simplest task like opening a bottle to drink!, in addition to the psychological pain they live with, and the feeling of need in every life aspect.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

A MYO-powered (muscle signals controlled) prosthetic hand which is easy to use, highly customized, performs multiple gripping patterns, and costs less than any other prosthetic hand in the market.

In prolimb we aim to deliver back self confidence and eliminate psychological pain that have occurred to the amputee by allowing him to do his daily activities just as before amputation, Our product is a MYO-Powered (Muscle Signal controlled) prosthetic hand which amputees wear on the remaining part of their arm, it reads signals from forearm`s muscles then perform actions accordingly, so if the user wanted to grasp a bottle the prosthetic will do it for him with no effort. our product also offers multiple gripping patterns, this means patients are capable of doing more than grasping a bottle of water, our product enables amputees to perform two more gripping patterns that are fully customized, So just by using our product amputees can hold a pen again, work on computer again, and do much more of their needs. We exist not only to provide a product for amputees to regain most of their limb functions, but also to raise amputees hopes from just grasping a bottle of water to be productive and socially engaged member of the society again.

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