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The problem PFMS is solving today in the poultry industry is the increasing mortality of baby chicks due to unregulated heating, diseases or virus in a poultry farm. During the 21 day brooding phase, chicks are constantly dying because of the above mention problems in small holder’s farms. On average, 1 out of every 7 chicks dies from unregulated heating, disease or virus. Last year in Cameroon, over 2 million chicks died. This growing problem is costing Cameroonian poultry farmers over 1 Billion FCFA a year, and it is costing sub-Sahara Africa poultry industry over 90 Billion FCFA. Our Solution is Safe our Chickens kit, an innovated device with a Wireless Wi-Fi Microscope Endoscope Magnifier Digital Pan & Tilt Camera 1000X 8 LED with Audio & Remote Control, Thermostat and Alarm System powered by solar energy and controlled from a smart phone via mobile app. This device makes a photo of the fowl droppings, sends it to the microscope for diagnosis on all diseases or virus present in the poultry farm; it produces the results and sends a report together with the needed treatment to a smart phone via mobile app. It also monitors and regulates the temperature to suits the health condition of chickens while reducing mortality. The alarm system is set for awaken chickens to eat, this increases their immune system for steady growth and keeps the chickens alive and healthy. PFMS is dedicated to the improvement of livestock management, instant diagnosis on all diseases or virus present in the poultry farm plus needed treatment and monitoring systems, a Cameroonian based company located in Buea south West region. PFMS creates solutions to reduce the amount of chicks that dies in a poultry brooder facilities. They do this through the use of IOT, diagnosis and Big Data systems that give the average farmer an advantage. PFMS’s mission is to help farmers increase production in other to play their part in helping feed the world.

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