Phone Repair Technician

Francis Frederick Lagawo

Country of deployment

Sierra Leone



What problem does your business address?

My Business is based on mobile phone repair(software Technology) Like flashing all type of phones,sending mobile phone applications,Network unlocking, Running computer operating systems, Sending music and videos and many more.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

I unlock the phones that are carrier Locked, flashing a new system on a software damaged phone, put operating system on Windows computers,send music and apps on all mobile devices and so on.

As the whole world is now a global village and mobile phone invention has been a number one reason,I based my project software on mobile phones, like I just said carrier unlocking, flashing of a new operating systems,Running computer operating systems, and recently I was on web design training which I’m to resume back sooner. I started pursuing my passion about 4 years ago, which I have been doing to also upgrade my knowledge on computer and mobile phone. I want to upgrade myself and my career in programming and computer coding which is actually my heart desire, and one thing I know is am going to achieve that dream and help my country a lot. I have a brother who is a tech wizard who is teaching me coding, and we have recently developed an App LEARN KRIO .which is available on play store and we want to do more of it. LEARN KRIO is and apps based on helping foreigners to talk our dialect easily and quickly.we are several other project which with time will aid in technology development in this part of the world.thanks

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