Edgar Kealeboga

Country of deployment




What problem does your business address?

Currently in Botswana there is no online resource that markets tertiary education in Botswana. There is also no centralized application system for tertiary institutions.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

One App is a comprehensive online resource for tertiary education in Botswana. One APP will be used by applicants to apply to many institutions from one system.

One App is a comprehensive online information resource for all tertiary institutions in Botswana. It caters for both prospective and current students (Local and International). One APP system will contain everything there is, to know about Botswana’s tertiary education system, including finding and applying for programmes, searching for scholarships as well as living as an international student in Botswana. It will also provide information to students about student life, student finances and student accommodation. It will allow prospective applicants to explore accredited programmes across various universities and colleges in Botswana from one system. One APP will simplify the application process for applicants, through the use of a centralised application system for all tertiary institutions in Botswana. Currently in Botswana, there are no online resources dedicated to sharing information about higher education training in Botswana. One APP will allow applicants to • Find information about tertiary institutions in Botswana. • Search for and apply to courses and programmes at Bachelor´s levels, at all higher education institutions. • Track application. • Receive your admissions decision through SMS and E-Mail • Make final choice by replying to admissions decision.

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