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Mmoloki Ludoh Pitse

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Agriculture ,Culture

What problem does your business address?

Poor infrastructure and lack of sophisticated skills marginalizes farmers from quickly diagnosing & treating crop diseases onsite before they can spread, which risks total crop loss & poor production.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

A mobile advisory app that enables farmers to simply take a photo of infected plants to quickly diagnose the disease & get actionable advice as to what measures can be taken to protect the plant.

Crop diseases can spread very fast in open fields, threatening total crop loss. This is particularly true in emerging economies where rural farmers are located far away from agricultural advisory centers, worsened by the fact that these groups of farmers do not have the technical knowledge to identify a crop disease well in time to quickly implement measures to isolate it, before it spreads to affect other crops. Sejwalo app is a response to calls by the farming community to solve this problem by improving accessibility to crop health information, in order to help them quickly identify disease symptoms and instantly diagnosing treatment options on site. The offline/online app works by allowing the farmer 2 simple options; to either search the database by typing in signs observed from the ailing crops or taking a picture and uploading it on the app platform, wherein the built-in image recognition algorithm can identify the disease, based on a comparison assessment from previously affected crops in our database, and instantly providing the farmer with actionable information including the name of the disease, treatment options and future preventative measures.

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