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What problem does your business address?

Although there are many programs put into place to help in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, adherence continues to be a major barrier to successful treatment with highly active antiretroviral therapy(HAAAT)

What solution do you bring to this issue?

A mobile App that helps treatment adherence for people living with HIV Aims

MoreLife+ is mobile application that was developed based on the experiences of its developers. For people living with HIV, the app works like a personal electronic patient card. It allows users to stay in touch with doctors online, saving and displaying test results, a calendar of blood tests and a prescription history, and sets up reminders about when to take medication and schedule appointments. There are also functions for recording weight, chest volume, blood pressure, disease history, HIV drug resistance, etc. It has an interactive map that shows the location of medical centers and nongovernmental organizations supporting people living with HIV, daily HIV-related news and up-to-date information and popular scientific articles on HIV. A help button contains links to hotlines on HIV treatment and prevention and psychological and legal support for women, adolescents and drug users. With the patient’s permission, doctors can monitor medicine intake and track adherence. The app has special provisions to protect anonymity and confidentiality. All the data are depersonalized, so there is no risk of a person being identified as living with HIV, even if a user’s phone or computer is used by someone else.

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