Legal On Call

Daniel Dube

Country of deployment




What problem does your business address?

Lack of access to inexpensive legal cover and consultation

What solution do you bring to this issue?

A mobile application that offers users access to inexpensive legal cover and consultation at the comfort of their own smartphones wherever they might be.

This product aims to give customers access legal advice and consultation through in app managed sessions with customers and lawyers or firms. Customers can relate their matters to lawyers on the application based on if they liaised with them because of the quote they get for consultation from the individuals or if they connect to them through a directed link. The links shared by firms are to help make it easier for customers to find them on the app. Customers as mentioned will get the option to search through and browse through different rates and find lawyers to represent them. Inclusive of these offerings there would pro bono services by the lawyers or firms set to be as inclusive as possible to those who cannot afford it. All matters will be handled with the utmost discretion to protect customer’s sensitive information. From being awarded a case the handler of that case must give audit as to how that customer was served until closure of the matter. Revenue will be generated through relevant ads. The service is meant to be a social good in the legal department.

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