Increasing Local Production of Rice (our staple food)

Tholoma Sumah

Country of deployment

Sierra Leone



What problem does your business address?

This business aims at addressing the importation of rice and the reduction of hunger among Sierra Leoneans. It would also reduce unemployment and promote the local content policy of Sierra Leone.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

The business will allow Sierra Leoneans to have easy and affordable access to their staple food which is rice. The daily square meal is also expected to increase and youth will also have jobs.

My country, Sierra Leone suffers a lot as a result of food insufficiency. The country is however blessed with vast fertile soils across the country. Therefore, as a start, I want to concentrate on rice farming and later expand to other crops. For this, I am planning to register an agribusiness company with a commercial farming status. This will give me the legal right to operate as a business. As a start, I want to start with man power because of the unavailability of resources. Later after making some profit or if I get investors or partners I will graduate to machines. I will therefore hire laborers to be working on the farm whiles I pay them. Then I will buy seeds for the project. With respect to this I am planning to embark on buying a type of seed that can be cultivated at least twice a year. This type of seed discovered in my country few years back but people have not made use of it. So as I am planning a business, I think this type of seed will be advantageous. It would allow me to have a continuous supply of rice in the market. I will use information and communications technologies to popularize my product and also use the ICTs for sales.

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