Letsibogo Ramadi

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What problem does your business address?

Many are unemployed in Botswana and for those lucky to be employed their wages are inadequate to make ends meet. We're adapting by taking on second jobs and starting side-hustles but its still rough

What solution do you bring to this issue?

A versatile mobile app that empowers small business, makes it easy to run a side-hustle(or freelance) and makes it easy for people to find services and goods within their local community.

Our mission with HUSLR is to economically empower Batswana and make it easy and convenient for everyone to support local services and enterprises. Imagine if, at the press of a button on your phone, you could find out who sells what and who provides which service in your local community. With Huslr’s location based search feature, you don’t have go to town to look for something or ask for ‘recommendations’ on social media when you need a certain service. We live amongst freelancers, tradespeople, creatives, service providers and small enterprises in our neighbourhoods. Our app allows you to conveniently find them and support their hustle, thereby promoting sustainable communities and informal sector growth. If you are an enterprising individual and have a side-hustle, run a small business or do professional freelancing work, you can create a Huslr profile and list your hustle to expand your market reach. The profile is your own little digital billboard. You can give detailed information and real-time updates about your business, upload media showcasing your works, have past customer reviews and testimonials etc. This app breaks your barriers to market and allows rapid customer acquisition without breaking your budget. You list your hustle absolutely free and get a host of other features to help manage it more efficiently and boost your personal income. If you crave to support local, if you want to power your side-hustle, this app is your answer. Vote HUSLR

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