Areej Dababneh

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What problem does your business address?

Insurance companies are facing manipulation and uncertainty from doctors, Medical labs, Radiology and pharmacies uncertainty in the actual medicine, lab tests, and radiology’s

What solution do you bring to this issue?

A white label application for insurance companies patients including patient history including test results, easy search medical network, pill reminder, siblings or elderly parents account.

Healthat is a digital platform connecting patients ,doctors, medical labs, radiology centres and the pharmacies under the umbrella of the insurance company with paperless medical forms and full patient history and all actions taken by any of the parties. Healthat platform used by all insurance parties (doctors, medical labs, Radiology centers and pharmacies) as below Doctor’s platform: Patient History Medical Form Labs & Radiology platform: Patient Medical Form Upload Results Pharmacy ’s platform Check the list of medicines given & the approval status. Calculate the percentage covered by the patient Doctor – Cannot give random general tests for the patient as he have the history of the patient and same tests – – Cannot be done more than one time a year. (Insurance company will prevent random tests made without any symptoms) Medical Labs & Radiology – Insurance company will have access to all patients test results. – Percentage price will be added to patient app to have full awareness on what tests exactly he did and how much the patient needs to pay. Pharmacy: – All medicines given will be added to the patient app along with the price and percentage paid from the patient. – Patients will have full awareness that the medicine they take cannot be replaced with any cosmetics or needed medicines as it might effect doctor future diagnose. – Patient will have full awareness if they took a replaced medicine and paid the price percentage from the original medicine.

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