Alexander Mennu Flomo

Country of deployment




What problem does your business address?

To date, people still lack access to an easy and convenient way to transact real estate businesses or even connecting with the right local businesses, at the right time.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

Our product will be furnished on the Internet giving our users the power to potentially connect and handle all of their real estate activities and also connect with other local services and providers.

Our plan is simple: we want serve an upscale market niche for businesses and local service providers. The mission of Gbaota is to change the way businesses connect with customers locally in Liberia. We are working to build Liberia’s (probably the World’s) first “Social E-Market”. A social media platform basically focused on connecting businesses,entrepreneurs,investors and customers to connect, share and co-create innovative entrepreneurial ideas and discoveries. But right now we are placing a huge emphasis on real estate businesses in Liberia; Gbaota is simple piece of powerful web and mobile app (available live at that gives users the opportunity to find local businesses/service providers and also locating commercial properties including apartments, houses, land, single room, shops, stores etc that are being rented, sold or leased in Liberia. We are striving to offer high quality technological services to bridge this gap. Putting this in a perspective, User A is relocating to Montserrado for the first time, With Gbaota, User A can be able to simply search for any type of property in Montserrado, including a specific community, neighborhood, number of rooms, bathrooms and price range using our custom search feature via any device with internet access.

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