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Anthoni Harby

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What problem does your business address?

Our idea is to develop the old ad format for more interactive and more developed ads

What solution do you bring to this issue?

Ads that make the viewer more interactive and targeted to the client in the best possible way

Who wants free money! I believe that successful business is what wins the win for all parties and it is my idea. The idea is .. Screens in the form of mirrors are placed in the bathrooms of malls, hotels or restaurants Through which you can display video ads or pictures of any company you wish to advertise to us The method of work The screen will be in the form of a video or picture ad and when one approaches it, it will turn into a nature mirror and the size of the advertising screen will be lowered and will rise to the top of one of the mirrors. The advantages of this idea They will earn: 1 – The owner of the hotel, the mall or the restaurant we will give him a rent agreed to put mirrors in the bathrooms and to protect them 2 – Advertisers, where the advertising became more accurate and targeted than before, can be directed to advertisements for men and women and advertising for food in the areas of food cort and advertising for children in the Kidz area 3 – The company adopts the idea and is your company where you earn from the value of one advertisement in the mirror, where you can bear the mirror more than 5 video ads at the same time

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