Teddy Addah

Country of deployment

Sierra Leone



What problem does your business address?

Agricultural goods in Sierra Leon have the longest chain of middlemen which is a limitation to profitability and broader scope of targeted customers for smallholdings and a threat to food security.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

We will provide and distribute a sustainable and affordable online marketing and advertising services to smallholdings in the agricultural food chain in Sierra Leone to modify middlemen transactions.

We want to reduce rural poverty through technology and innovation. A web application site assisted with a mobile app will be deplored online with a technology to allow customers to submit ads of products and services for advertising and marketing purposes. Customers without the knowledge or experience on how to submit ads for consideration will be assisted by the FCFs and there shall be a dashboard on the application for FCFs to manage ads submission, referrals and commissions at real time. Interested persons of goods or service could contact the smallholder through a messaging system on the application or voice call outside the application and as well bid for a product or service if it is indicated as negotiable. Smallholders will receive sms alerts on who is placing a bid. FCFs shall always be at the community level to facilitate ads for customers thus taking the digital marketing and advertising space to the doorsteps of smallholdings irrespective of location or possession of a smartphone. We have 5 regions and 16 districts in Sierra Leone currently. When FarmerCash is able to engage at least 200 facilitators in each district across the country, we will be employing about 3200 young men and women who will be expected to submit ads for at least 20 customers every month. We are targeting 500,000 customers including the agricultural household population in five years. Direct revenue shall be generated from fees paid for the placements of ads by customers.

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