Digital School System for Africa

Samson Raman

Country of deployment

Sierra Leone



What problem does your business address?

With the high intensification of class hurdling, manual or outdated way of preparing student reports by ink and paper, the quality aspect still remains an illusion to many of Africa’s youth’s.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

The digital school system will ensure that access and quality of education match. For quality without access leads to inequality and exclusion; access without quality limits the potential of students.

Today all the work at the time of admission of students into Schools is done traditionally by ink and paper, which proves tedious, prone to human errors, labor intensive and time consuming resulting in incorrect or undesired out comes. In the modern world of technology, computer is affecting our lives in more ways than we probably are aware of. The main objective of the digital school system is to make the performance of certain tasks much faster than the humans. This also means that these tasks can be done solely by the system, freeing up those involved to perform more important tasks. The simplicity of this project insures the effectiveness of the system. With the emergence of the Digital School System for Africa, the scourge of unemployment and prevalent poverty will be exterminated. It is assumed that increased in business volume will place the company in a better position to hire approximately 100 data agents by 2023 in the Sierra Leone chapter only. This figure will change significantly over time. As the company develops and progress, more and more data agents will be needed. It is evident that with the rise of automation and technological advancements, we cannot continue along the same path of traditional industrial model of education. Hence the Digital School System for Africa provides answers to many unanswered digital questions. This system will also help to make administrative task easier and reduce paper work helping to create a green environment.

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