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Patu Ndango Fen

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The issue of waste management still poses enormous challenges within the African continent and Cameroon in particular. Large amounts of waste are being produced on a daily basis which ends up littering our environment or being dumped in landfills. On the other hand, we have an agricultural sector which is characterized by highly unsustainable farming practices in a bid to improve soil fertility, increase crop yield and prevent pest attack. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is equally well known to cause environmental degradation, health related issues and promoting the growth of unhealthy plants. We are involved in the collection of organic plant and animal waste from various sources and converting it into organic fertilizer. This organic fertilizer is a unique mixture of organic components such as compost, biochar, animal manure and biopesticides which offers the following benefits: It improves soil fertility without causing any harm to the environment. It promotes the growth of healthy plants which are more resistant to pest attack and thus reducing the high cost associated with pest management. It leads to the production of premium quality products with longer shelf life. It has no negative health impact on consumers thus leading to healthier lifestyles. Thus we transform the waste management challenges into an opportunity for soil enrichment and better farming practices. Our fertilizer will be supplied to farmers, gardeners, horticulturalists and agricultural institutions. Through our activities, we are fighting against unemployment; food related health problems, poor soil fertility and/or degradation as well as the high cost associated with pest management. Our vision is to become the largest and fastest growing organic fertilizer producer in Africa in 5 years from now, making available our product both at the national and international markets.

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