Joseph Blackie

Country of deployment




What problem does your business address?

The world is advancing in new technologies on a regular basic, our country-mama Liberia is striving beyond. Businesses in Liberia lacks the ability to sell online and increase sales electronically.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

Botiga365 solutions to those issues are: It provides Scalability, increase revenues, brand awareness, stay open 24/7 - 365 days, Attract New Customers with Search Engine Visibility, and Convenience.

Botiga365 is an e-commerce business (involve in selling and buying products online or e-tail) that serves as a marketplace for buyers and sellers to meet and exchange. It will bring vendor, merchants, small and big businesses products to consumer and the general public in a simplest way. Botiga365 is a new online retail loyalty system that enables small to larger online retailers to reach a larger audience, they have other options to offer, other ways to engage customers beyond the price, forge a new image and offer alternative ways businesses and customers do business online. In addition, Botiga365 will offer the highest level of security for both merchants and customers in this new online payment system, projecting a new and improved standard of trust in today’s economy. Botiga365 will have variety of products that will be sold electronically from vendors, merchants, small and large businesses. Botiga365 is unique because of the services it will provides, which include online purchases, secure payments, and reliable delivery services. It has a competitive advantage that stand high above other emerging e-commerce sites, some of the advantages are: User-friendly, effectiveness, innovations, and it will be the first welcoming and complete e-commerce sites in Liberia. Botiga365 platform enables vendors, merchants, small and larger businesses to increase their sales and revenues without knowing their presence. this site will strengthen small businesses financially.

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