Gehad Hesham

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What problem does your business address?

Prevalence of sexual harassment of various kinds.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

The Amank platform provides women with safety, strength and full support to protect them from sexual harassment and live in full peace in society, through a team of distinguished psychologists, legal trainers, self-defense and the possibility of avoiding places where harassment is frequent

The application and development of a telephone and website for the possibility of market access to provide service through technology, provides the following services: • It is possible to identify and avoid places where harassment is most readily available. Provided by all legal information supporting them, and psychological guidance supporting the recovery from the pain of harassment. O made available by psychologists, psychologists and gynaecologists because harassment is psychologically and physically painful for any female. O The training Centers for self-defense to protect themselves faster than any surprise harassment. 2-Work to launch the service as soon as possible. 3-Hiring employees to work on the project in the important points to complete the project such as the contracting officer and graphic design. 4-Establishing the company legally. 8. The possibility of registering intellectual property. 5-activating the possibility of online payment easily after the establishment of the company. (Fawry-Vodafone cash…) 6-the possibility of expanding in more than one governorate during the incubation period. 7-The presence of our company for easy communication with different service providers and customers.

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