Jalimi Farms

Prix du Public Entrepreneur Club

Farmers in Sierra Leone are highly vulnerable to climate change because of multiple stresses and low adaptive capacity. They are challenged due to barriers such as: • Farmers isolated without access to basic farming advances. • Climate change and its related impacts on food production • Unsustainable practices and • Lack of access inputs, financial credits, and markets Jalimi Farms intends to provide agricultural extension services to farmers. We provide information from the process of cultivation onto marketing. We inform the clients about innovative technologies with the goal of helping them move from subsistence. We aim to strengthen rural to urban linkages with ICT platforms and bridge the gap between farmers and critical information they need to get the best results. Through our JFarms App and weekly SMS farmers will have access to • Accurate market prices, weather forecasts, crop production tips (Our information is focused on Climate Smart Methodologies that scientifically proven to yield results and help farmers to adapt to climate change) • Market opportunities by linking farmers to produce buyers and processors. • Financial and asset-based credit and farm insurance services. Understanding that advisory services alone are not enough to bring these changes we will set up Jalimi Farmers Clubs where an agent will give farmers hands-on training on new technologies. Farmers also get financial management and gender training.