Payless Cloth Pad

Prix du Public Entrepreneur Club

Payless Cloth Pad (PCP) is a reusable menstrual cloth/pad manufacturing project. This social business project is Liberia’s first totally affordable and reusable sanitary cloth/pad manufacturing company and it is an alternative to disposable sanitary napkin targeting constrained female population unable to afford disposable sanitary napkin during menstrual and post-birth bleeding periods. PCP will deal exclusively with local manufacturing of cloth pads for girls and will in some way tackle sexual gender-based violence. Poor Menstrual Hygiene Management has joined other issues to disturb the way of life of women; girls skip classes during their menstrual period thereby affecting their learning period, traditional and unsafe means of managing menstrual periods too have contributed to infection in women. PCP Project will curve the occurrence of these issues and safe $100s of Liberian Dollars in the pockets of those who cannot afford and create better alternative for first-time pad users. This project will employ Liberian seamstresses who will design and sew sanitary pads out of scrap for comfortable and longer use by girls who cannot afford expensive sanitary pads. The PCP Mobile App downloadable to anyone using a smartphone will help clients place orders, access locations of existing retailing centers and request customized service. PCP Customer Service via voice call will take orders for those without smartphones.