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Liberia is an emerging democracy, striving on significant progress following years of civil war. Liberians are enjoying over a decade of peace and unity with sports playing a significant role. In Liberia, many sports events including the National County Meet have been played to stimulate reconciliation and foster unity. As Liberia moves towards the digital era and embrace digital inclusion, it is paramount that technology serves as an agent of socioeconomic development, and a tool to strengthen unity. According to a recent report from the National Telecommunication Agency, Mobile penetration stands at 75% while Internet penetration is at 21%. In a recent poll we conducted, 86% of respondents answered YES to being a sports follower while 78% of them indicated their support for sport in Liberia. We understand that access to information, news, data and updates regarding sport in Liberia can help nurture growth, attract investment and open up its potential. As such, we are building a platform that promotes local sports leagues, showcases potential young talents to the world, and serve as a trusted repository of sports data that will be relevant to the sporting world including stakeholders and policymakers. The platform will help Users access information like live scores, league tables, calendar and news around sports in Liberia. With SportsLib, we envision a platform that captures both the successes and glory of local sports, the core and the details, the data, the preparation and the show. We envision a hub for sports information and a frontier in the modern sports revolution in Liberia. It is our aim to make local sporting information accessible to everyone, everywhere in Liberia and beyond, at their own convenience. SportsLib is an initiative of Tech Squad Liberia, a 21st century ICT firm in Liberia. A team of creatives, designers, artists and digital wizards whose envision an economy where technology is seen as agents of development and not just entertainment.

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