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Accessing healthcare facilities and professionals is increasingly becoming a huge challenge for developing countries especially in rural areas due to the shortage of both these facilities and the professionals. As rural people suffer due to very few doctors, poorly equipped health facilities and long distant travels for consultation, urban city dwellers have their own problems, which includes among many, the stress of waiting long hours on queues in front of doctors’ offices amidst a very busy daily schedule. eDoctar is a pan African telemedicine platform offering a video/text based online remote medical consultations, electronic health record services and therapy/counselling services across developing countries using cutting edge web and mobile app based software. To give these remote consultations greater accuracy we are integrating telemedical equiptments like stethoscopes, examination cameras, electronic ECGs, electronic BP machines and many more which can send signals to a doctor from a patient remotely. We collaborate with hospitals, health centers, clinics and medical professionals to setup telemedicine centers in rural areas that connects patients to doctors and therapists across geographical barriers. Patients in urban areas can also use the platform to connect with doctors and therapists from the comfort of their homes and offices skipping the long queues in front of doctor’s offices and saving themselves precious time to use on other productive things.

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