E Net (Edutainment Network)

Samuel A. S. Kamara Jr

Pays de déploiement

Sierra Leone



Quel problème votre entreprise veut-elle résoudre?

The lack of Affordable educational resources and Quality Training Contents/Programs of international standards and relevance.

Quelle solution apporte votre entreprise?

We have developed an e learning and resource platform in the form of a web portal and a mobile application as a primary channel to distribute highly tailored contents in different multimedia formats including videos, audios, presentation slides, picture slides, gifs, and in other formats as pdf and the international SCORM format. The contents/courses/modules follows the WAEC and other international standards in content creation. Mostly we aim to simplify the current academic subjects so users can grasp the idea soonest and make learning fun. we also offer life/entrepreneurship/artistic/soft and other skills training for youths.

This project started as a response to meet the educational and capacity building needs of the growing population of secondary school pupils and youths in the form of an online student resource center, that is an E learning web portal and Mobile App. The main aim is to provide Quality Educational contents/modules/courses for young minds still in the schooling system through new IT technologies like an e learning web portal and mobile App providing FREE Quality learning resources, training, counselling, exam preparation, private testing (online), ICT and basic courses and more to make them more productive and workforce ready to meet the changes and challenges of this digital age. We Provide students the access to quality learning materials in several multimedia and SCORM format. We intend to transform our traditional learning methods, to promote more student collaboration and innovation through a digital learning environment and a student centered workplace/study place. A strategic partnership with a mobile network operator through either a subscription bundle like the one currently used for Facebook and WhatsApp for the Mobile App or an agreement to make our website freely accessible by students who wish to benefit from our offerings through their network will unleash a new wave of excitement and interests to pupils. The blueprint of this proposal is to nurture minds, talents and skills of students for socio-economic development and to empower them to be self-reliant and self-sufficient and above average working professionals.

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