Child Welfare & Nutrition Monitoring Application (Mpepu)

Badisa Mosesane

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Mpepu is a Mobile Application that captures and monitors the growth and nutritional information for under fives in Botswana. The application serves to automate current clinical processes during routine child welfare visits. Mpepu captures the height and weight for under fives and detects Wasting, Stunting, Underweight and Overweight as defined by the WHO Child Growth Standard, 2006. The app auto calculates malnutrition indicators, Weight for Age, Height for Age, Weight for Height and visualize these data in a graph. It will then flag using color codes and notifies clinicians if a child is at a risk of severe malnutrition, moderate malnutrition, above normal malnutrition and triggers a swift nutrition consultation with Dietitians. This will allow for timely intervention to vulnerable children and foster early enrollment to treatment programs. Currently in Botswana, child welfare data at district and national level is not readily available, leaving much reliance on parents to keep hard copy documents for their child welfare. This has lead to ineffective interventions to end malnutrition to unsuspecting children. Through Mpepu app, aggregate reports on underweight, stunting, wasting and overweight prevalence per health facility will be reliably generated for strategic decision making. This application solves the malnutrition problem by giving control to parents to monitor the growth and nutrition status of their child at the comfort of a few clicks. The app integrates a cognitive conversational chatbot that parents can use for querying malnutrition information (FAQ’s) in an engaging interactive and intuitive manner.

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