Yamasa System

Boago Okgetheng

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Quel problème votre entreprise veut-elle résoudre?

The number of unemployed youth increases significantly every year because Batswana’s future is based on one variable which is education and it doesn't cater for academically challenged students.

Quelle solution apporte votre entreprise?


As the current school system focuses mostly on the academic abilities of students the implementation of the Yamasa system will encourage a 50/50 approach i.e. academics: art/sport. In view of all the issues surrounding unemployment amongst the youth we propose a predictive machine learning model which aims at assessing students’ performances through extracurricular activities and through the use of artificial intelligence to suggest the discipline they fully engage in. This model seeks to ensure that the entire student’s focus is on some disciplines that they can develop their skills further. It is through this model that people such as assessors, coaches, mentors will be hired in order to fully implement the model. Companies aimed at life coaching can also generate money through the aid of the system by providing mentor-ship and life coaching to ensure that students know very well what they want, how to achieve it and how to deal with circumstances when they don’t achieve their goals. Ultimately, the model seeks to encourage the building of sport and arts academies so as to ensure that students who are academically challenged can also benefit through what they know best and encourage income through sport and art. We are currently working with the ministry of basic education regarding this model. The predictive model will use data mining to map and suggest the best course or activity the student can pursue using the greedy approach algorithms.

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