Wassilni - وصّلني

Abdullah Eldurini

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Quel problème votre entreprise veut-elle résoudre?

Wassilni App addresses the problem of transportation services for university student, duo the high demand and high cost of it, regardless to the lack of comfort as well.

Quelle solution apporte votre entreprise?

Wassilni App proposes to solve the transportation problem for university students in Jordan by a free car-sharing system between students, that allow them to pick up each other for free.

Wassilni is a free university students car-sharing application that gathers all of them in one place, in order to make students from the same university (and on the same pathway) pickup each other by a simple and free car-sharing system, to reduce cost of transportation and traffic in streets *** The steps to use Wassilni is easy: 1. Enter the application (available in PlayStore and AppStore) – 2. Choose whether you need a ride (if you don’t have a car) or you want to pick up your colleague on your way (if you have a car) – 3. See the available ride offers from other students from your university and choose the best offer that fits your location or destination and time *** To add your own offer, all what you need is to add your destination you want to go from your university, and select date & time, gender and price *** Also, the application offers other free service such as « Wassilni Store », which is a place where students can share their items they don’t need with other students who need them *** The application is available in « Arabic » for all Jordanian university & college students.

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