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Quel problème votre entreprise veut-elle résoudre?

*Crime e.g Robbery and Theft. *Wastage of Time. *High Consumer Energy Consumption. *Consumer Fatigue. *Consumer Pressure and Stress.

Quelle solution apporte votre entreprise?

Saves time and energy for user with a busy schedule,reluctant to input units at the meter box due to fatigue and stops moving at night which makes him not vulnerable to intruders.

A software program that transmits units directly to the user’s electricity meter box , after purchase through cell-phone banking and electronic fund transfer at point of sale in retail,wholesale and fuel station. This program is installed by commercial banks in their cell phone banking system and speed point machines , to make it convenient for users to receive electricity without them inputting or typing the units at the meter box.Electricity travels straight to the meter box. START-Prompt user to input *130*321# .if user is registered with FNB proceed to page that request user to input 5 digit cell phone banking PIN.else not registered with FNB will display error message.if 5 digit cell phone banking PIN is correct ,access the account.else if incorrect 5 digit cell phone banking PIN,will return to main page.Account access approved,user is prompt to input 5 in the text space,user will press SEND,to access Volt transfer service.Prompt user to input electricity meter number,checks if the electricity meter number is valid,else if not valid,returns to page 2.Valid electricity meter number is approved,proceed to page that request user to input amount of money.Checks the balance if it is sufficient or not sufficient.Else if insufficient,it returns to page 3.If balance is sufficient ,the is a reduction of money from the balance. Electricity units are sent directly to the meter box,after approval of purchase. Message of approval is sent via SMS to the user’s cell phone number.

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