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Thebe Trunk is a FinTech start-up that focuses on teaching kids about money management skills aswell as the basics of Banking.Through our international financial literacy programme for kids called ABCs of Wealth,parents are encouraged to train their kids to become financially savvy.A simple Act of giving a child an allowance on a monthly basis is very crucial in this case. The Application system to be developed aims to teach kids aged between 7-14years the value of money,benefits of saving,good and bad credit through a mobile application which will be linked to a local Bank;or with another option of parents promising to just give them money in a traditional way, for starters. Through this exercise ,kids will get an opportunity to interact with their parents on a daily basis about money.The mobile application will have parents list chores on the application,with kids completing tasks and collecting the money into their Thebe Trunk Accounts. Like any Bank Accounts kids can then track how much they have saved,earned,how much they can share and they have spent or invested.They can also request a cash out ,which parents can accept or decline. While Understanding personal finance well is important for everyone it is incredibly important for kids.Its one of the most important things they will need as they get older because it affects every area of their lives.With the skills they will acquire through our Thebe Trunk mobile application they will well prepared for managing their finances as adults.

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