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Quel problème votre entreprise veut-elle résoudre?

Rapid increase in numbers of livestock theft, poor management and loss of livestock.

Quelle solution apporte votre entreprise?

Use of GPS solar tracking system to monitor and track livestock, the system uses USSD system to send livestock location, Geo-fencing capability to manage and efficiently control their livestock.

Shepperd is a GPS solar tracking system that comprises of USSD platform, mobile application (optional) and a web portal to provide cutting edge real time tracking solution to farmers. The solar capability of the track ensures long term durability life operation of the tracker without running out of battery and losing its core purpose. The tracker provides users with an anti-theft sensor protection which detect stress signals from livestock and alerts owners in case someone/ something is tempering with the tracker. Most farmers are based in rural areas where there is limited or no internet connection, the system has the USSD capability to allow farmers to track their livestock offline, without the use of internet. Farmers can manage livestock movement using the Geo-fencing capability of the system, which allows farmers to set grazing boundaries for their livestock. The tracking device also act as Bluetooth broadcaster, creating an intranet connection for farmers to efficiently communicate with each other; breaking a communication barrier between farmers. The mobile application allows farmers to locating their livestock visually on the map (offline maps) and label certain locations known to farmers for easy location of their livestock. A web portal provides an interface between the livestock and its owners, relaying communication messages, notifications and alarming calls to livestock owners in case of livestock stress signals provided by the tracker and whereabouts.

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