Motor Vehicle Breakdown Assistant’s App

Karabo Mogatle

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Quel problème votre entreprise veut-elle résoudre?

Often people have breakdowns when travelling and they end up stuck and stranded in the middle of nowhere because their trusted mechanic will be far,and they won’t be able to reach them out for help.

Quelle solution apporte votre entreprise?

Motor Vehicle Breakdown Assistant’s App is a mobile app directory of mechanics. The application aims to help people find mechanics based on the user’s needs and location.

We are moving to a high-tech society, where people use different modes of technology to do almost everything. Motor Vehicle Breakdown Assistant’s Application brings vehicle owners repairs within a click of a button. It brings about easy accessibility, reliability and experienced, well trained mechanics at affordable prices as it also brings a feature whereby one can search for the nearest gas station. The speciality of our service is that it will be having verified mechanics registering on our system to provide proof of their work qualifications and work experience. It will provide a mobile app advertising that allows a mechanic to have a profile that entails his/her contact details, location, and experience and job description and thus allowing people to search them by location and contact the ones nearer to them for assistance. It will also allow users to rate the mechanics based on the experience they had with them. Mechanic rating will be visible to all registered users of our application.

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