Kitso Books

Rudisang Morake

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Quel problème votre entreprise veut-elle résoudre?

The knowledge gap, information deficiency and skills sparsity among youth in today’s fast paced digital era as well as the digitization and preservation of local knowledge, history and culture.

Quelle solution apporte votre entreprise?

The solution is to provoke a knowledge based economy and improve the reading culture of youth by introducing an interactive digital book store that makes reading, writing and learning fun.

Never in human history has so much knowledge been available and accessible, and yet so little curiosity or effort been expended to obtain it. Kitso Books aims to bridge the knowledge gap between first world and third world countries by improving the « reading culture » of Africans. Kitso books makes use of augmented reality, animations and audio to create an engaging reading experience. it will allow users to interact with 3D virtual objects engaging the user to explore more while also learning. A typical example would be interacting with a virtual brain via science textbooks offered by the platform. It will allow users to listen to their favorite books during commutes and offer said books in various local languages. Kids story books will be animated and interactive allowing children to read along and immerse themselves in the many books the platform has to offer. Kitso Books is also a platform where literature on Botswana can be accessed. It will create an archive for stories and academic articles for reference by researchers and historians and just ordinary Batswana who wish to expand their knowledge about Botswana. The platform will allow creative writers to publish their works through our cultural exchange store. Writers may approach Kitso Books to animate and translate their books into local languages as well as make them into audio books. The e-book market is widely popular and it would be a brilliant opportunity for young writers to tap into it.

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