FarmerCare App

Aobakwe Thabiso Pule

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Quel problème votre entreprise veut-elle résoudre?

Farmers in Botswana do not have an advertising platform, they rely on word of mouth advertising, use Facebook platform, others directly approach buyer. All those methods has proved to be insufficient.

Quelle solution apporte votre entreprise?

We are moving to a high-tech society, where people use different modes of technology to do almost everything. FarmerCare Mobile Application (App) brings farmers and sellers within a click of a button.

The FarmerCare application is mobile-based application meant for all commercial and non-commercial farmers who are facing problems when it comes to management of selling and buying of cattle at low costly method. The application will be the meeting place for buyers and sellers, instead of searching for a buyer, the application will act as middlemen. This feature will allow buyers to compete to buy the listed cattle thus increasing chances of the farmer breaking-even.  The FarmerCare App is a mobile-based application that will give cattle farmers an opportunity to sell, interact, collaborate with the buyers (individual buyers, butchery owners)  A farmer will be allowed to register an account by providing personal details, identification, company name if any, then register location of the kraal, brand identification, and register cattle.  Cattle could be identified using the breed, brand identification, tags, owner, and kraal (area where they is kept).  Additionally, it will also provide some news feeds about cattle such as o Informing farmers about the Matimela (Astray) Cattle which will help address such issues such as idling of cattle in roads which most of them are lost or astray. o Informing farmers regarding the outbreak of diseases in Botswana. o Informing farmers regarding on any vaccinations required for the cattle.

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