Fintech Meets Edtech with InvestED in Sierra Leone

Chris Czerwonka

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Sierra Leone



InvestED empowers underserved populations with compelling mobile learning linked to financial & digital inclusion, financial literacy & DFS. On 15 May we were named winner of the Sierra Leone Fintech Challenge, and we are moving forward to serve citizens here in partnership with UNCDF, FSD Africa, USAID, DfID and Sida. Our ethos is around creating compelling, mobile educational content targeted at improving livelihoods and building stable families among low-income, underserved populations in emerging markets. We link edtech and fintech by driving behavior change through incentives and calls-to-action – and then empowering learners to onboard to digital financial services (DFS) and qualify for loans based on their journeys.

Through AI and machine learning we chart and track unique learner pathways and harness the power of data analytics for our partner institutions. Our technology includes an Android app (learner-facing), a cloud-based analytics engine, and a web dashboard (partner-facing).

We aim to bridge digital and financial divides in Sierra Leone and across sub-Saharan Africa. Most employment is informal and outside the scope of labor laws and social protection. Low-income entrepreneurs have insufficient knowledge about basic finance management and digital platforms, limiting their potential. Financial exclusion makes climbing out of poverty harder and exacerbates risks that others may fall into it; it also marginalizes the informal sector and prevents families from building productive livelihoods.

We helped onboard thousands of government workers to mobile money salaries in neighboring Liberia, and we aim to replicate that success in Sierra Leone. Our ongoing telecom and FSP partnerships will focus on customer upskilling and more efficient onboarding in marginalized communities.

These will drive the shared goals we share with partner institutions: customer empowerment and upskilling, measurable impact, and meaningful engagement of digital financial services.

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