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B Theophilus Mambu

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Given that Liberia has an excellent climate, soil and huge potential for food production, then why food is not affordable and accessible all year-round? Why are there lots of garbage and undignified selling conditions for market women in Redlight, Duala and Waterside markets? Also, US$5M vanishes from the Liberian economy every year – where does this money go? You will be shocked to know that the answer to all of these questions is “post-harvest loss.” So, our idea is harnessing the power of solar energy and waste to energy (WTE) technologies by transforming the wastes created in the market places, and the availability of the sun into clean energy in order to provide market women in Redlight, Duala and Waterside markets with the enhanced food storage facility and clean environment. At AgriWATTS, we operate as a social venture to give these market women a sense of DIGNITY. We have set ambitious targets of impacting 10 million people living in the 2014 ebola-affected Mano River Union (MRU) region by 2025: empowering local farmers to grow more food, creating employment opportunities for youths, cataloging market women in a database to provide food distribution service with a simplified user-friendly mobile operation, making seasonal food available all year-round and making the market easily accessible and affordable for consumers thereby aiding in the reduction of prices on the market. With initial investment, our goal is to coordinate the distribution of food along the chain from harvest on farms to markets in an effort to solve the problem of post-harvest loss in Liberia, at the same time maximize profits. That impact falls on you – do or make someone to #EatClean! And #SellWithDignity! We have provided a short, 3-min video to share with you regarding our targeted impact; we welcome you to click on this link

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