Aisha Alkhateeb

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VISION is designed for people with varying levels of sight loss, whether low vision or legally blind. Using smartphone camera and built-in sensor technologies, VISION identify objects, calculate distances, and route users through. With no additional hardware needed, VISION may soon replace the white cane to be the first solution in a market with estimated 180 million individuals with visual impairments, worldwide. VISION enables them to walk freely without the need for assistance. Since our world is consistently evolving we need to utilize the emerging technologies to solve aging problems. Developing VISION, we are exploiting the available technology to facilitate the life of people with visual impairment by developing an android based mobile application that will be installed in user’s phone, which will communicate with them through voice commands. Throughout the development, feedback was received from visually impaired students. An initial positive feedback, regarding the software functionality and user friendliness, has been received. VISION is currently at its kick-starter stage where a prove-of-concept has been developed; however, a more rigid implementation is required before making it available for customer use. We aim at enhancing the accuracy and responsiveness to be qualified as a replacement of the white cane.

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