How to win competitions and prizes

Here are five recommendations for you to win the jackpot.

Display the strength of your team. A company’s value is closely linked to the quality of its employees. They are its most valuable asset.
Find a way to showcase the dynamism and responsiveness of your team. Competition organizers know that a strong team is essential for success, and they usually pay a lot of attention to the different profiles of your team members.

Work on your application file. Your file has to be coherent and has to express the company’s objectives and means. It has to include a reliable market study and prove your project’s viability. The provided figures need to be exact, because the jury will pay a lot of attention to them. Your presentation should be as rich and detailed as possible; make sure you include a financial plan, accounting data, statistics on your market and information about competitors.

Focus on the customer. Aim your mindset toward the target, your customer. Focus on the mentality of the customer, and then use this knowledge to develop forceful ideas that will appeal to the jury. If an entrepreneur has the best idea in the world, but no client, he or she does not have a company.

Rehearse your pitch. A good pitch is the cornerstone of a winning presentation, but it requires the mastery of speech. It is therefore paramount to rehearse alone or with your entourage to master it well before the presentation.
If you are not comfortable using a computer, opt for a classic presentation with a board, to avoid irritating the jury with hesitation and gestures of annoyance.
The oral presentation is often decisive; do not hesitate to show your commitment and passion to the jury, while remaining concise.

Anticipate questions. You must be able to defend your project. Keep in mind that the jury will ask you as varied questions as possible, to test your knowledge and your ability to find solutions to the problems you will face throughout your entrepreneurial journey. The idea here is not to find ready-made answers to those question. Your ability to listen to questions and remarks will also be rated by judges.