What are the most promising industries for entrepreneurship?

The information and communication technologies industry
The ICT industry is growing at a steady rate in the Middle East and Africa. The fact that big international ICT firms have settled and invested in these markets hints at the potential of this sector.
• Mobile banking
• E-commerce
• Electronics and computer hardware
• Software and app development
• Online press
• Phone business and services
• Newswire services
• Consulting services

This sector remains largely unexplored in many countries. For example, in Senegal, fruit and vegetable producers lose up to 70% of their yield due to the lack of conservation equipment. As was highlighted by the consulting firm McKinsey, the agribusiness industry has the potential to produce much more than the current output and satisfy the growing needs of the population.
• Food processing
• Food preservation
• Retail, marketing, sales
• Vegetable production
• Rice production

This very dynamic sector is still looking for companies to disrupt it by innovating and creating inclusive value. Much remains to do to provide bank accounts to most of the inhabitants of Africa and the Middle East, especially in rural areas. The digital revolution currently at play in these regions offers tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors in FinTech.
• Microfinance
• Banking software
• Blockchain applications
• Mobile banking

New energies
The current paradigm shift in the energy industry makes it one of the most promising ones in the 21st century. In Sub-Saharan Africa, electrification is both a challenge and an opportunity.
• Solar energy
• Hydroelectric energy
• B2B services
• Biofuel
• Wind energy

The tourism industry is reinventing itself wa new ecological angle. Ecotourism presents entrepreneurs with big opportunities. According to the World Tourism Organization, this activity satisfies “the current needs of tourists and visited countries, while protecting the opportunities for the future”.
• Ecotourism
• Seaside tourism
• Cultural tourism
• Business tourism