How to send SMS notifications to my customers with Orange?

Orange provides its partners with a service that can send text messages to their customers equipped with SIM cards from Orange or other operators. This service, called SMS API, is available in a growing number of countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Whatever the device, the connection or the operator, schedule directly from your application SMS to be sent to your customers or future customers. You can have multiple uses in mind:

  • premium rate SMS service (resale with a profit of SMS bought in bulk),
  • notifications to personnalise the customer experience (e.g., send an SMS notification with the name of the client who just ordered a cab)
  • communication with a base of customers who have signed in for further information about the products or services of the company.

How much does it cost?
You can buy SMS bundles at very competitive rate and for much less than classic SMS. In some countries, a starter bundle allows you to test the practice for a small cost. You can buy the bundles from an Orange airtime prepaid account or, for great quantities, by bank transfer. The number of available SMS decreases each time you use the service.

How do I set up the sending of SMS with Orange?
Go to the Orange Developer site and buy a bundle of SMS. Select the bundle that best fits your need. The SMS product that you buy with Orange is the same no matter the use you have in mind for it. What changes is the part of the code that your developer will use to implement the service. You access the code once the SMS bundle is acquired. The documentation available on Orange Developer (PDF) spells out each step of the process. A few minutes are enough to integrate the API into your system. Then it is just a matter of you customising your sendings of SMS.

I set up sending SMS to my customers with Orange Developer.