How to reach 100% of phone users and communicate about my service?

Reaching users of basic phones
Two methods allow to deliver news about one’s service to all phone users, including the users of feature phones or ‘dumbphones’ with no or limited internet access: SMS (see : How to set up SMS campaigns with Orange?) and USSD.

The users access USSD portals at no fee, using dedicated codes. Through these portals, it is possible to broadcast to them information both generic (e.g. weather forecast) and personalised (e.g. credit balance). To set up these features, you need to get in touch with the telecom operators with access to the users you target.

The example of Orange with #303#
Orange offers businesses to promote their product or service on its USSD portal, the #303#. This is a multi-countries service, a kiosque where brands expose their service to all Orange users in an ever growing number of countries in Africa. The customers can access this kiosque from any device and without paying data or enjoying 3G connection. The user dials #303# and accesses an interface with he can navigate to find the service meeting his needs.

How much does it cost?
The business model of the USSD Shop depends of the customer pricing.
When the service is free for the end customer, the business that offers it is billed after the fact according to the number of recorded transactions.
When the service includes a fee for the end customer (e.g. taking a fee out of the mobile prepaid account, see How to set up micropayments on my site or application?), the operator takes a percentage of the generated income (revenue share).

How to set up my service on the #303#?
Download the documentation with all the relevant technical information for USSD integration.
Contact our B2B team in order to obtain the information about the deployment of your service and the fees. (You will be required to create an account on the Orange Partner site.)
– Prepare the content of your USSD service. Orange will then put it online.

I set up a USSD service on the Orange Developer site.