How to identify and approach potential partners for my project

First, it is important to define which qualities you are looking for, in your future partner. Then keep a keen eye out to identify and approach him/her.

Ask people around you
Looking to find your partner in your direct environment is a safe and simple way to achieve your objective. Going into business with a relative or a person you have already shared a work environment with, greatly reduces the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Visit incubators
Incubators are often at the center of the developing world’s entrepreneurial ecosystems. They bring together people who are often already running a business, or are looking for partners to do so. You have better chances of meeting your “soul mate” there than anywhere else.

Participate in events
Participate in trade shows, forums, conferences and connect with people who are attending. These events often bring together entrepreneurs that could match your criteria.

Use social networks for entrepreneurs
There is a growing list of sites that are aiming to bring together those who are looking to start a business, but have not associated with anybody yet. They are a bit like dating sites for entrepreneurs.

Focus on the person and not on your idea
While exchanging with your potential partner, take the time to get a clear picture of him or her. Do not try at all costs to convince him or her that your idea is worth gold. Rather, concentrate on him or her because, as the saying goes, “better to be alone than in bad company“.

Do not despair
Even if you have been looking for the partner to enjoy the travel with for some years, do not adopt a desperate attitude! Doing so will give the impression that your idea has no value, or that you are not able to make it a success on your own.