How do I pitch my project?

Structure your presentation
Do not rely on your charisma and your passion to get your message across. Organize the different parts of your pitch logically, be it for an oral presentation or with the help of a computer.

Practice it
Try your presentation out with your partners or friends, and ask them to emphasize the points that you should improve.

Adapt your pitch to your audience
The speech you will use when you are facing an investor should be different from the one you will use when you stand before a talented developer you are trying to convince to join your team. Do your best to adapt your speech to your audience.

Avoid overly enthusiastic forecasts
Rome was not built in a day. Your business should not pretend to be. Show that you are ambitious, but reasonable.

Avoid overly technical terms
If you use too many technical terms in order to impress your audience, you will not look like an expert but rather a pedantic person, who does not really understand his/her field.

Be as concise as possible
Instead of a long speech that will lose you the attention of your audience, opt for short sentences and a concise message. Also, prepare an “elevator pitch” for meetings that last only a few minutes.

Be presentable
People invest in you more than they invest in your idea. Pay attention to your dress style, because as the saying goes: “Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

Do not try to have answers to all the questions
If you do not know the answer to a question, trying at all costs to come up with one is a mistake. Keep in mind that the experienced people in front of you may know as much or more than you about your market.
Write the comments down, ask questions, and schedule an appointment for more information. This shows that you are interested in other people’s ideas and that you respect them.