How to enable mobile money as a payment solution on my ecommerce site?

What makes a good mobile payment system for an entrepreneur?
– The customer experience. A permanent availability, 24/7, is an asset. The service needs to be easy to use in order not to dissuade the user.
– The penetration rate of the mobile money service. If necessary, contact the operator to request further information on the size of this market.

The advantages of Orange Money as a payment method
For the customers: the use is straightforward (no need to open a bank account or to carry cash), instant (sales can be processed at all times of the day and night), withdrawing money is easy (thanks to a dense retail network) and transactions are secure.

For the entrepreneurs: if you own an ecommerce website, using Orange Money unlocks access to a large base of potential customers in countries of Africa and the Middle East. The WebPayment API, a standard enabler whenever online payment is required, is easy to integrate. Last but not least, the local and international Orange B2B experts support the entrepreneurs.

The requirements to set up mobile payment with Orange Money Web Payment
1/ Get the Orange Money Merchant status
To obtain this status, you need to go to a physical Orange store and to show the required documents. The list of documents varies from one country to another. Orange fully complies with the regulations of the local central bank, which includes checking the integrity of the documents provided and the status of accepted agents. They need to be KYA Compliant – without any fraud. If the documents comply with the rules, you receive the status of merchant.

2/ Subscribe to Orange Money Web Payment
You can proceed in one of two ways:
– either by registering on,
– or by registering in an Orange store of the country where you operate (the site of the local Orange subsidiary features a list of stores in the country)
In both instances, you need to sign a contract to get access to the Orange Money Web Payment portal.

How much does it cost?
The fee is discussed before the contract is signed. The contract spells out a monthly payout.

How to technically set up Orange Money Web Payment ?
To integrate Orange Money Web Payment on your website, you need either to use your in-house developer or to use a partner.
Orange provides merchants with a validation/integration environment for you to proceed to all necessary tests before commercial launch on your app / website.

Orange Money Web Payment API (Orange Developer)
Product contact: Georgiana Cruceru (mobile: +33 648 822 919)